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What is CroudiWebs?

We are proud to say that is India’s No. 1 Freelancing Platform that allows you to work as a freelancer and employer for absolutely free. We always try to match employers and talented, skilled freelancers through CroudiWebs.

We always try to match employers with talented freelancers through CroudiWebs. CroudiWebs journey was started on 22nd September 2022. Our continuous hard work has made CroudiWebs a high place in people’s minds.

Other freelancing platforms charge platform charges or commission fees from freelancers or employers, but we don’t charge any fees. We aim to make this platform so useful that a freelancer can work independently without any problem, and employers can easily hire a talented freelancer.


Mission & Vision

Being the world’s first free freelancing platform, we have our mission and vision.

Our Mission

The mission is “To make people closer, Make business easier”. We want to create an ecosystem through this platform, where you all can easily post your desired job without any problem, and you can get your work done by a skilled freelancer.

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Our Vision

The vision is “To reach 20 lakh users of CroudiWebs across India in the next 10 years”. We want to bring this platform to the whole of India and to build trust as a trusted workplace.

Our Dynamic Team

Meet the Minds, Unleash the Power: Where Individual Brilliance Ignites Collective Excellence.

Bikram Mandal


Puja Mandal


Biswajit Mandal


Rahul Roy

Sales Officer

Nabamita Chakraborty

Sales Officer

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CroudiWebs is India’s no #1 Freelancing Platform that connects Freelancers with Clients/Employers. While using CroudiWebs, you agree to have read and accepted our  terms of servicescookie and privacy policy.


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